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20th International Nuclear Graphite Specialist Meeting

The 20th International Nuclear Graphite Specialist Meeting will take place in the historical city of Bruges (Belgium) and will be hosted by SCK•CEN, the Belgian Nuclear Research Center. It is the continuation of a series of annual conferences that started at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, (Tennessee) in 2000. The most recent editions were held in Vienna (2016), in Baltimore

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PEP2040: Poland reaffirmed the role of nuclear energy until 2040

The Polish Minister of energy published in November 2018 a draft version of the PEP2040. This strategic document titled “Energy Policy in Poland until 2040” addresses the most important challenges that Polish energy sector will be facing in the next two decades and includes the main target, key directions, as well as corresponding measures to be implemented in the short-term

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Technical Meeting to Assess the Prospects of Coupling Non-Electric Applications to High Temperature Nuclear Reactors

Taking place in Vienna (Austria), this technical meeting aims to exchange up-to-date information on types of foreseen potential high temperature reactors suitable for hydrogen production; consider near term commercial technologies available for hydrogen production; address socioeconomics and environmental considerations associated with nuclear hydrogen production; assess market potential, economics and other related challenges, including potential upscaling of current research and development

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