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Newsletter 1 (special issue in collaboration with NC2I)

Newsletter 2 (special issue in collaboration with NC2I)


D2.1 – Preliminary requirements, assumptions and constraints for GEMINI + high temperature nuclear cogeneration system

D3.3 – Advanced instrumentation options for cogeneration HTGR

D3.6 -Use of HTGR process heat with catalysts for dry reforming of methane using CO2 to singas for the chemical industry

D3.7 – Use of HTGR process heat for nitrogen fertilizers and chemical products

D3.8 – Review of helium turbomachinery, piping, valves and other technologies for power conversion and heat transport


Excellent Feature of Japanese HTGR Technologies, Tetsuo Nishihara, Xing Yan, Yukio Tachibana, Taiju Shibata, Hirofumi Ohashi, Shinji Kubo, Yoshitomo Inaba, Shigeaki Nakagawa, Minoru Goto,  Shohei Ueta, Noriaki Hirota, Yoshiyuki Inagaki, Kazuhiko Iigaki, Shimpei Hamamoto & Kazuhiko Kunitomi

Heat Storage Coupled to Generation IV Reactors for Variable Electricity from Base Load Reactors: Changing Markets, Technology, Nuclear-Renewables Integration and Synergisms with Solar Thermal Power Systems, Charles Forsberg, Piyush Sabharwall & Hans D. Gougar




Project Meeting in Dresden (Germany) – June 2019




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The GEMINI Initiative is an a transatlantic partnership that aims to develop the first commercial High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor (HTGR)

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Get to know the European H2020 GEMINI+ project which aims to support the GEMINI Initiative

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