The GEMINI+ booklet is online!

The GEMINI+ partners produced a booklet dedicated to nuclear cogeneration through High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors (HTGRs) for industry and transport. Dedicated to the general public, the stakeholders from the political spheres, from industry and from financial institutions, this document outlines: what is the potential of HTGR technology how can it contribute to achieving the European energy transition why Poland made it

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GEMINI+ newsletter n°2 is available!

Have a look at the second edition of the GEMINI+ newsletter, produced in collaboration with the European Nuclear Cogeneration Industrial Initiative (NC2I)!


Joint IAEA–GIF Technical Meeting on the Safety of HTGR

The Joint IAEA–GIF Technical Meeting on the Safety of HTGR will be held in Vienna, from 9-11 December 2019.  The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) have jointly committed to collaboration between their respective programmes, and to share information in selected areas of mutual interest. One of the key areas of emphasis in both the

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IAEA Meeting of the Technical Working Group on Gas Cooled Reactors

The purpose of the event (11-13 November, in Vienna) is to discuss recent advances in gas cooled reactor (GCR) and high temperature gas cooled reactor (HTGR) technology, to identify subjects of common interest for future collaboration through information exchange and cooperative research within the framework of the Technical Working Group on Gas Cooled Reactors (TWG-GCR), and to advise on programmatic

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Technical Meeting on Assessing the Deployment of SMRs and HTRs for Cogeneration Applications

The purpose of this event is to assess the potential of deploying Small and Medium Sized or Modular Reactors (SMRs) and High Temperature Reactors (HTRs) for multi-purpose applications; analyse technical and non-technical challenges for using these reactors for cogeneration applications; discuss the readiness of and innovation in technologies involved in nuclear cogeneration systems; and exchange information and knowledge on plans

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HTR2018 Conference Outcomes

The HTR 2018 conference took place in Warsaw (Poland) from 10-12 October. Since 2002, the International Conferences on High Temperature Reactor Technology have aimed to accelerate R&D on High-Temperature Gas Reactor (HTGR) and heat application technologies. After Weihai (2014) and Las Vegas (2016), the 2018 edition was the opportunity to draw a link with the Polish Nuclear Programme and European

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The International Conference on High Temperature Reactor Technology – HTR 2018

Hosted by the National Centre for Nuclear Research in Poland, the 2018 international conference on High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactors (HTGR) technology will take place in Warsaw (Poland). This meeting aims to accelerate research and development on HTGR and heat application technologies. Nuclear experts will discuss and provide information exchange on the latest results on associated technologies and future perspectives and plans. This

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