Save the date for the GEMINI+ Summer School!

In collaboration with the GEMINI+ project, the PHD4GEN High Tempearture Reactors Summer School will be organised from 1-5 June 2020, in Kazimierz Dolny (Poland).  

Due to the current situation, the School can be fully attended remotely. The aim of this School is to present the current status of the Generation IV reactors under study of the program “New reactor concepts and safety analyses for the Polish Nuclear Energy Program” (POWR.03.02.00-00-I0005/17-00).



·         Generation IV reactor technologies, overview, safety and economic aspects
·         HTGR technology and concepts; design, legal aspects and licensing of HTRs
·         DSA and PSA for HTRs
·         DFR concept and Pyrochemical Processing Unit (PPU)
·         Spent fuel utilisation and transmutation
·         Public reception of Generation IV reactors


  1. Caleb Brooks (Univ. Illinois, USA)
  2. Jerzy Cetnar (Mining Academy (AGH) Kraków, Poland; NCBJ)
  3. Tom Downar (Univ. Michigan, USA)
  4. Armin Huke (Institut Fuer Festkoerper Physik, Berlin, Germany)
  5. Sun Jun (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China) – “Status of Chinese HTGR Development”
  6. Tomasz Kozłowski (Univ. Illinois, USA; NCBJ)
  7. Jaakko Leppanen (VTT, Finland) – “Serpent multi-physics calculations and general HTGR modelling”
  8. Rafael Macian-Juan (TUM Munich, Germany)
  9. Hirofumi Ohashi (JAEA, Japan) – “The current progress of HTGR program in Japan”
  10. Xiang Wang (Harbin Engineering University, China) – “Experiments of the Dual Fluid Reactor”; “Small Modular Dual Fluid Reactor and Future Application”

There will be also speakers from both GEMINI+ and ALLEGRO (Allegro fast helium gas-cooled reactor) projects as two joint parallel workshops are planned during the School. The detail program of the joint meeting will be soon available.


Participants will include researchers, engineers and PhD students from all nationalities.


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