The GEMINI 4.0 project kicks off

To officially launch the project, the GEMINI 4.0 consortium met on 21 June 2022 both in Lyon, France and online for those who could not attend in person.  GEMINI 4.0 aims to demonstrate that the GEMINI+ system can provide a global solution for the competitive and safe decarbonization of industrial activities..

Throughout the day, partners discussed the objectives and main tasks, expected contributions from each work package member, interface with other work packages and main challenges for the following work packages:

  • WP1 – Optimising safety and competitiveness of the GEMINI+ design
  • WP2 – Towards full decarbonisation of European industry with nuclear poly-generation
  • WP3 – Fuel technology options and fuel cycle strategy for the GEMINI+ system
  • WP4 – Assessment of the licensing readiness of the GEMINI+ system for multipurpose industrial cogeneration
  • WP5 – Nuclear high temperature cogeneration for European citizens
  • WP6 – Project management

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