Online GEMINI+ Summer School

In collaboration with the GEMINI+ project and ALLEGRO project, the PHD4GEN High Tempearture Reactors Summer School took place online from 1-5 June 2020. The School gathered several dozen of students who had the possibility to attend a total of 23 lectures dedicated to HTGR technologies and Generation IV reactors.

First of all, a welcome speech was given by Professor Grzegorz Wrochna, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education, and initial coordinator of GEMINI+. He emphasised the fact that high-temperature reactor technology opens the way to the use of nuclear energy not only to generate electricity, but also to supply industry with extremely needed industrial heat.

“Nuclear energy is the energy of the future”, said prof. Wrochna. The Deputy Minister noted that a good atmosphere around this topic is necessary. “I wish the participants of the School fruitful lectures and fruitful work with HTR reactors in the future.”

The conference discussed among others the GEMINI + research on HTGR high temperature reactor technology that can be used to produce process heat for the chemical and fuel industries. Achievements of the projects were presented on the second and third day.

The Summer School was a 5-day event which gathered several dozen students. They were mostly young people who will soon be specialists in the nuclear industry over the world. Lectures were prepared by over twenty lecturers who connect to the auditorium from their headquarters in Europe, the USA and Asia. Listeners can ask questions via chat or video call.

There were 23 lectures planned, several webinars as forums for informal discussions and a session with presentations of doctoral students’ research results.

The Summer School is part of interdisciplinary doctoral studies of an international nature created under the project “New concepts of nuclear reactors and safety analyses for the Polish Nuclear Power Program”, financed by the National Center for Research and Development. The aim of the project is to create an interdisciplinary team of young research staff dealing with advanced concepts and technologies of the next generation of IV nuclear reactors that could support the development of Polish nuclear energy.

The concept of gas-cooled fast reactor (GFR) and ALLEGRO demonstrator, that is developed by the V4G4 Centre of Excellence operating within the Visegrad Group, was also be presented.


Find out more on the GEMINI + Summer School on the NCBJ website (article in Polish).


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