GEMINI+ project kicks off

The GEMINI+ consortium met on 27-28 September in Warsaw to officially kick off the project. GEMINI+ aims to develop a Trans-Atlantic Partnership to Accelerate the Development of Improved, Intrinsically Safe and Versatile Nuclear Energy Technology. During the meeting, partners exchanged on the High-Temperature Gas cooled Reactor (HTGR) technology and on how to promote and work towards the commissioning and deployment of this intrinsically safe nuclear reactor. It will also be a great opportunity to discuss current research and ongoing projects, and to develop new ideas within Gemini+.

Work packages

Partners of the GEMINI+ project discussed the following topics in Warsaw:

  • WP1 – Safety Approach and Licensing Framework
  • WP2 – Configuration for an industrial high temperature nuclear cogeneration system
  • WP3 – Innovation and long-term perspective
  • WP4 – Demonstration project of industrial high temperature nuclear cogeneration
  • WP5 – Dissemination and Stakeholders engagement – introduction and discussion
  • WP6 – Administrative and financial project management


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