GEMINI 4.0 Business Advisory Group


Join the GEMINI+ Business Advisory Group!

With the aim of knowing better the expectations of end-users and investors while adapting the GEMINI+ project’s options, the GEMINI+ Business Advisory Group (BAG) will play a key role.

Why being part of the BAG?

In the framework of the previous FP7 EUROPAIRS project, you may have participated in the meetings of the Business Advisory Group (BAG). If you were to renew this involvement, you would benefit once again from:

  • a first-hand information on the advancement of the technology worldwide
  • a competitive advantage if the technology is finally demonstrated
  • this will be free of charge since the travels and food are covered by the project

There will be two or three meetings of the BAG until the end of the GEMINI+ project (August 2020). The strategic approach, the end-users and regulators requirements, the business model and the schedule for deployment of high temperature nuclear cogeneration will be detailed.

What we expect from you?

  • To provide us with an informed point of view on the relevance of the GEMINI+ approach for the industrial end-users and utilities as well as investors
  • To respect the confidentiality of the information you will receive and of the discussions you will be involved in during the BAG meeting


BAG meetings