A Trans-Atlantic Partnership to Accelerate the Development of Improved, Intrinsically Safe and Versatile Nuclear Energy Technology



The GEMINI Initiative calls for a simple, transparent, accountable and strong agreement between the US and EU private sector companies to work with their governments under an international agreement framework to carry out the design and regulatory work for the first commercial HTGR. The scope of GEMINI will include the definition of HTGR specifications for both the US and the EU, design and completion of regulatory requirements by the relevant regulatory authority – the NRC in the US and the appropriate authority in the presumed EU host country.  

Such an arrangement will build the trust necessary to inspire private sector and government investment, required to make the GEMINI Initiative a success. In turn this success will lay the groundwork for the ultimate construction of “sister” or “twin” reactors in the US and the EU. This first of a kind project will enable the ultimate widespread commercialization and utilization of this uniquely safe and versatile nuclear technology.


GEMINI is a Trans-Atlantic Partnership to Accelerate the Development of High-Temperature Gas cooled Reactors (HTGRs). These types of reactors are immune to extreme natural disasters because no electric power sources, cooling water or operator intervention is required to prevent core damage and significant radioactivity release.

The European Nuclear Cogeneration Industrial Initiative, NC2I (www.nc2i.eu) and the US Next Generation Nuclear Plant Industrial Initiative, NGNP (www.ngnpalliance.org), promote and work for the commissioning and the deployment of this intrinsically safe nuclear reactor.